Hello World! by Paddy Johnson

Welcome! This is the new AICAD Seminar Gallery website and I couldn't be more excited! Strange Genitals, a show curated by Art F City's Michael Anthony Farley and Paddy Johnson, will launch November 3rd and they're busy preparing for the show. A press release is forthcoming, but in the meantime let's contemplate the subject of Strange Genitals: strange genitals! But let's do so without too much imagery. We don't want our first post to be NSFW! 

AFC's Michael Anthony Farley and Paddy Johnson have noticed a long trend in artistic renderings of genitalia. Why is so much of it abstracted and distorted? There are no clear answers to this question, but perhaps digital tools push the impulse to manipulate the body. Or perhaps it's just a general desire to fuck with imagery. 

Whatever the answer, we'll find out more come November 3rd. The opening is 6-8 at the AICAD exhibition space (20 Jay St, Ste. M10). Don't miss it.